Why Choose Trail Running Magazine?

Every other month, with its bright covers and attention-grabbing headlines, Trail Running magazine reaches an audience of 25,000 readers – both road and off-road runners.

Online our most popular YouTube video has over 36,000 views; our social media following is 51,900 Twitter followers, 26,511 Facebook likes and 15,900 Instagram fans, and our fast-growing website is driving traffic to news, exclusive race reports and former magazine gear reviews and training advice.

With content appealing to the demographics of our readers who have an above average household income of £51k and 77% of whom are junior managers or above, we give them the skills, inspiration, gear and routes to take them to the distance, whatever their level. Our 2015 survey revealed that 70% of our readers also run on roads and enjoy hill walking. Almost half surveyed also regularly road cycle or mountain bike. Two-thirds go trail running at least once a week and they take their chosen activity seriously, with 87% having taken part in a Trail Running event. They average 6 events per year, half from 10k to half marathon, but a third also having done 5ks, 10 milers, marathons and ultras/multi-dayers. Half use energy bars and gels, but the other half prefer natural fuel or just water. They buy Trail Running for their love of the great outdoors, fitness, health, adventure and to get away from modern life.

Our readers are very interested in our gear reviews, 77% saying they buy Trail Running magazine for our ‘trustworthy gear reviews”. During a typical year our readers will spend over £13 million on gear, so if you want to get a share of this revenue, then you need to ensure your product is put in front of them when they are making their buying decisions. A quarter of our Trail Running readers agree that adverts in Trail Running will influence them when buying off-road running gear and 92% have bought something for their trail/off-road running interests after seeing an advert in a magazine. We are also proud to be the only running magazine with an ‘Ethical Gear Award’ to highlight your brand’s sustainable manufacturing and working practices.

So if you’re keen to get in front of the growing market of road and off-road runners then promote your product in Trail Running: we'll take you to the finish line.