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Trail Running        


Trail Running – The UK’s no 1 off-road running mag

Trail Running is the UK’s only magazine devoted to the exciting, adventurous and muddy world of off-road running. With more and more road runners becoming fed up with pounding the pavement next to the traffic and fumes, or sweating away on a treadmill, Trail Running has been filling what was once a yawning gap in the magazine, internet and social media marketplace.

In an increasingly commercial world, hankering after a Porsche or beach holiday is old hat – now, people are looking for incredible experiences and unforgettable memories. That’s why growing numbers of runners are turning to trails, thirsty for thrills and looking to be inspired in the UK’s most beautiful wildernesses and mountainsides. All Trail Running’s media platforms (mag, website, YouTube channel, social media) give these adventure-seekers everything they need to discover Britain’s wildest, muddiest and most beautiful places, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Trail Running magazine is bold, action-packed, with attention grabbing headlines and crammed full of essential information from our experts and top athletes. It stands out on the newsstand as the first choice not only for off-road runners of all abilities, shapes and sizes, but also road runners looking for a fresh challenge, like obstacle racing and ultras. We have a combined print and digital readership of 25,000. Online our most popular YouTube video has over 36,000 views; our social media following is 56,506 Twitter followers, 30,632 Facebook likes and 32,989 Instagram fans; our fast-growing website is driving traffic to news, exclusive race reports and former magazine gear reviews and training advice.

Trail Running gets trail runners of all ages from beginner to expert inspired, kitted out in the best gear, training right, refuelling right, improving their performance with advice from top off-road runners like Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Ricky Lightfoot, Nicky Spinks and more, and entering the most exciting trail, adventure and mountain races in Britain and all over the world.

If you want to reach both road and off-road runners at every ability level and every age, Trail Running is the best magazine for your brand. Trail Running is the only magazine that gets off-road runners faster, fitter and dirtier.