Bird Watching is a magazine that caters for UK birdwatchers of all level of ability, who see themselves as ‘improvers’. We try to reflect all the situations in which our readers might watch birds – in their garden, their local patch, on UK and foreign holidays, alone or fitting in with family life. We do not focus on the obsessive, predominantly male, birdwatcher or those of a more scientific or competitive bent. We approach the subject as a relaxing and rewarding pastime that everyone in the family can enjoy.

We specialise in bird identification, by plumage, by habitat and by behaviour. We provide instruction in the craft to beginners and in-depth information about bird sightings for the more experienced. We cover news in the birding world, we review the latest birdwatching optical equipment, clothing and books, and we provide a forum for readers to express their views and ask questions about the hobby.
One of our most popular sections is a series of walks around the country, 10 per month, that are appropriate to that month, with advice on what species can be seen where, as well as information about access, terrain, etc.

We present all our information in a chatty, entertaining and easily accessible style, using a lot of high quality images of birdlife.