In any survey of national wellbeing, the UK's favourite form of exercise is walking whether it's in a local nature reserve or a national park, beside the sea or across wild moors, through green dales or on top of a mountain. Country Walking speaks to all of these walkers, all of those interests, and it speaks the language of a friend and a fellow enthusiast.

We know there are fantastic walks right across the UK and we provide more routes and ideas each month than any other magazine. We
inspire and inform our readers, showing them the best places to walk, recommending great places to stay, eat and drink, and sharing everything to see along the way.

Our inspiring, informative philosophy extends to walking gear. We know that a new waterproof, rucksack or pair of boots is a major purchase and we test the kit rigorously, scrutinising every detail and explaining the jargon, so our readers can buy wisely. We provide informative friendly advice on the best kit available to our readers, so they can relax and enjoy their walking adventures.

We also know Country Walking readers want to get the most from each and every walk they do, so every issue is packed with easily accessible advice on health, fitness, navigation, history and wildlife.

Our readers

Country Walking readers are busy people who value any chance to escape everyday life and explore the countryside. They walk for pleasure and love the fact that it keeps them fit and healthy, while also appreciating life's pleasures (like a pint)! They love where they live and walk locally often, but they also want to know about the best walks for a weekend away or a holiday, both in Britain and overseas, all backed up with practical information so they can plan their trip with ease.